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Writing a Perfect Dental Hygienist Personal Statement

Dental Personal Statement
Dental LoR Writing
Dental Personal Statement + LoR

When Do You Need to Write a Dental Hygienist Personal Statement?

A dental personal statement refers to a short letter of about one page which conveys who you are and answer the question: why do you want to be a dental hygienist, what makes you the best candidate for consideration for admission into a degree or graduate program as well as to secure an employment. It focuses on using your personal story or life experiences to write a convincing letter that reflects your values and places you as a strong candidate for admission.

The Bureau of Labor statistics makes it clear that there would be a rise in the demand and outlook of the dental hygienist by as much as 16% from 2014 – 2024. That means the course offers better opportunities now and in the future. If you ever must be considered for admission into the institution of choice then you must be able to write a resounding dental hygienist personal statement. It is one of the most vital documents required for admission purpose and before the interview stage. And you can find dental hygienist personal statement examples on our site to guide you with writing.

dental hygienist personal statement helpTasks of a Dental Hygienist

Asides from why do you want to be a dental hygienist, another question is what dental hygienists do. Besides, you may know more about dental nurse personal statement on our site. Well then, here’s just a brief rundown of what services they actually provide:

  • Hygienists provide good advice to problems related to oral care.
  • Hygienists are responsible for detecting any dental problems in patients.
  • Prevent the occurrence of oral problems by providing good and solid advice.
Endodontics Orthodontics Periodontics Pediatric Dentistry Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Prosthodontics, and MORE!

Top 5 Dental Hygienist Programs to Apply

  • University of Michigan – The University of Michigan is a public university with 43,874 students. The University of Michigan was established since 1817 and ranks 3rd place for QS World ranking 2018 for subject areas and 20th position for world ranking with fees between $14,000 to $16,000.
  • Harvard University – Harvard University ranks 3rd best by QS World ranking and 1st by subject area in the US. Harvard University has a reputation for delivering qualitative learning 1636 when it was established. It has a student population of 22,727.
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – The UNC ranks 83rd worldwide and 1st by subject area and 12th for dentistry for 2018. It has a student population of 26,211 and fees of $8,000 to $10,000 annually.
  • University of Washington – UW is a premier university strong in research and a part of the Global Innovation Exchange program; a partnership for global research. It ranks 66 worldwide and 7th for the subject area. It has a student population of 52,346.
  • New York University (NYU) – NYU ranks 43rd worldwide and 2nd for the subject area. It falls within some of the best universities in the world to study dentistry with a student population of 44,433.

Things You Should Know before Applying to Dental Hygienist Program

Before applying to a dental program you need to understand that you would require a faculty member, supervisor or someone in a similar capacity to stand as a referee or write your letter of recommendation. Therefore you need to start building the relationship early enough. Other things you should start preparing ahead for include:

  • Prepare early for matching and get all documents and all relevant exam completed with scores ready the year before admission year
  • Get academic references or letters of recommendation from your professor or supervisor or a senior faculty member. It is best for it to be addressed to the institution and should be recent
  • Copies of certificate or degrees from previous institutions.
  • Copies of academic transcripts with grades
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae or resume
  • A copy of English language certificate, TOEFL or IELTS
  • GPA
  • Dental hygienist personal statement

Are You Writing the Answer on “Why Do You Want to Be a Dental Hygienist”?

Dental hygiene is actually more important than it initially sounds. A lot of people tend to take their teeth for granted and chomp away at food that comes their way.

This is, in a lot of ways, what makes dentistry so in demand. Any damage to the teeth or anything in the mouth can be very difficult for the person in question as it will prevent them from eating properly. It is such a massive inconvenience that there have been people in the past who have resorted to various drastic, and often painful, procedures just to ease their complaints.

So when asked why do you want to be a dental hygienist, here are just a few things that you can answer:

  • Caring for the teeth. This is by far the most important part of being a dentist as this is what dentists are known for. The teeth always need taking care of and a good dental hygienist is always necessary to keep the teeth in relatively good condition and free of any problems like cavities. While proper brushing is indeed helpful in keeping one’s teeth in good condition, it is still recommended that one visit his or her dentist regularly.
  • Detecting various oral diseases. Being one of the body’s chief orifices, the mouth is host to all manner of microorganisms and the like. It’s where we consume food and drink through and can serve as a substitute for our nose when breathing. When we sleep, millions of microbes multiply and infest our mouths and is controlled only by a few junctions of our immune systems and the corrosive properties of our saliva.
  • Giving your teeth a better look. The truth is, the human teeth can sometimes grow in some unpleasant manner and give your smile a crooked look if you aren’t careful. This is sometimes a problem with some people especially if they’re in the business of having to smile a lot. Whatever the case, help from a professional dentist can make sure that your smile will be as bright and captivating as it needs to be in order to impress people that you like. That’s why dentists are especially important among celebrities and models so their smiles can always be pretty.

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Tips for Writing a Personal Statement

  • Capture an important incidence or experience that has influenced your decision for your preferred course of study.
  • Start preparing and writing early.
  • Do not wait to have it all figured out before writing the dental hygienist personal statement just start anyhow and the rest will fall into place.
  • You might need to have three to four drafts before you get a final and acceptable dental hygienist personal statement.
  • Work with introduction, body, and conclusion plus central themes to help deliver an excellent personal statement.

why do you want to be a dental hygienist answerOur Expert Help with Personal Statement Writing

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So why not make a dental hygienist personal statement now and help keep the teeth of the people in your community clean and healthy?

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