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Tips on How to Write a Dental Hygiene and Therapy Personal Statement


Dental hygiene is actually more important than most people would think it is. Indeed, in the ongoing rush of day to day living, we tend to overlook a lot of things that are otherwise very important to us. Still, take note that while we may fail to notice a lot of things in the midst of our toils and troubles, we can never really ignore things when our teeth gain cavities and begin to cause us no small amount of pain.

Yes, that’s right, we only notice the necessity of our teeth when they either hurt or aren’t there anymore to grind down our food for us. Anyway, perhaps you should consider making a dental therapy and dental hygiene personal statement so you can also help take care of the teeth of others.

dental hygiene and therapy personal statement help

Anyway, here are just a few facts about your teeth that you should take note of so you can better understand how important they are in your everyday living:

  • Teeth help a lot with eating. This should be a no-brainer. After all, everyone knows that teeth are what we use to tear chunks of food from what we are eating and chew it up in preparation for digestion. Teeth are very important and, without them, eating would be very difficult indeed. The chisel-shaped incisors in front of our mouths are what we use to bite off chunks of food. Then it is our molars that do most of the chewing once they get further back in our mouths.
  • Teeth, especially clean and orderly ones, play a part in our social lives. One of the most recognizable expressions is, of course, a smile and it is perhaps the most discernable of anyone’s feelings. Having clean white teeth to go with your smile is one sure fire way to capture people’s hearts. Taking good care of your teeth will make sure that you have a pretty smile to win the hearts of many people over.
  • Taking good care of your teeth will prevent you from having a host of oral problems in the future. Toothaches, mouth sores and loss of teeth are just some of the problems you’ll face if you don’t take better care of your teeth. Bad teeth can also seriously impede your social life as bad teeth can give you a set of new problems.

dental hygiene personal statement sample

Why Become a Dental Hygienist

So why not try and write a dental hygiene and therapy personal statement as these are just some of the things that you can do for others:

  • Help people keep their teeth clean.
  • Help with some oral problems.
  • Identify people’s oral problems.

Steps for Entering Your Desired Dental School

Although, every institute has a different process of application, but usually the steps for application process re more or less same. Here is a general application process, which you have to follow if you want to become a dental hygienist:

  • Every institute asks for applications for a certain period of time, get the application form during that period, which is available usually online now.
  • You have to attach the copies of transcripts of all previous diplomas and certificates of school.
  • They ask for a specific application fee, which is nonrefundable and the amount is different for different institutions. The fee is paid in the form of money order or checks, usually.
  • Attach copies of experience certificates with your application.
  • Statement of purpose is an important part of the application.
  • Don’t forget to include the references in your application.
  • Send the complete application to the concerned institution, within the closing dates of application.

Requirements of every institution can be different; some institutes can ask for some additional documents too. You can get the details from the respective website.

dental hygiene and therapy personal statement professional help

Tips for Successful Application Process

If you are planning to apply for dental hygiene course, following tips can help you to get admission:

  • First of all, be sure that dental hygiene is the profession you want to choose for your life. Get the complete information and do some search about the profession and the responsibilities of the hygienist, it might not be easy.
  • Different colleges offer different programs in various areas of research. Choose one which suits your interests.
  • Collect the application material before the opening date of application. You will need transcripts from the colleges you have attended and letter of recommendation from your professors. Create a resume and write a strong personal statement, the preparation to submit the application is very important.
  • After the opening date, download the application and submit it by completing all the requirements, make sure you read all the instructions and get information about the fee assistance program too.
  • Sometimes you are required to take some entrance exams as well, make sure you get information about that beforehand.

Write a Personal Statement for Dental Hygiene and Therapy

So why not start a hopeful career path by writing a personal statement for dental hygiene and therapy so you can eventually become a dental hygienist. Don’t tarry and get started on your dental hygiene and therapy personal statements now.

What to Include in Personal Statement for Dental Hygiene

The personal statement is a brief essay about yourself. It should reflect who you are and why you are interested in dental hygiene as the career. There are no rules and regulations about writing a good personal statement, but here are few things which you should include in this statement:

  • Most of the students start with a conventional tone, like “I want to pursue my career as a dental hygienist because …” it seems boring and very common. Instead of starting in a usual way, make a strong impact right from the beginning. Start with engaging tone and make sure you have pulled the reader with you.
  • Mention your skills, achievements, and capabilities in an engaging way. Don’t forget to write about your work experiences and community work, it is very important to show your professional skills.
  • If you have any other talent, like playing a musical instrument or your achievements in a particular sport, do mention that too. It will show your multi-dimensional personality.
  • The end should be equally strong and enthusiastic, as the start was. It should leave a good impression on the mind of the reader.

Tips for Dental Hygiene Personal Statement That Impress the Admission Committee

  • Your personal statement should show your passion for dentistry. If you have experience of working with a professional dentist, do mention that.
  • Avoid the use of cheesy language and grammatical phrases. The admission committee wants to know about you, not your skills in the language.
  • Organize your thoughts or make an outline of important points, which you should mention in the statement. It will make your ideas coherent and you will be able to write in a flow.
  • After writing show your statement to your friend or family member and edit accordingly.
  • Don’t copy from someone else, be yourself, be original.

dental hygiene and therapy personal statement writing help

Our Expert Piece of Advice

  • Try not to mention the information, which is already provided through your resume or letter of recommendations, no one will be interested in repetitions.
  • Read your statement many times and keep editing, unless you get satisfied and it appears as a unique document.

Our Professional Help with Your Writing

We know how sometimes you can struggle with writing a personal statement. Use our help and with writing your dental hygiene and therapy personal statement and be sure you will succeed in your application process!

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