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Writing a Statement of Purpose for Dental School


statement of purpose for dental schoolThe statement of purpose for dental school is the most important part of your application. Your DAT test score, grades and other qualifications will only qualify you to apply, most of the other applicants will have similar scores and maybe even better. Your statement of purpose for dental school is your opportunity to show them who you are and to sell yourself as the very best candidate.

Writing a statement of purpose however is not that simple, your statement of purpose for dental school has to make you stand out, it has to be more memorable than any of the hundreds of other statements that the admissions committee will be reviewing. Are your writing skills up to that?

statement of purpose for dental school help

List of Documents Required When Applying to Dental School

Taking a course in dental school is usually an exciting one for several reasons. First, because you would be taught skills to help people maintain the oral health hygiene plus live a better life. Second, because the need for better oral health is in an increasing demand so your services would be in hot demand. And that makes understanding the requirements for getting into dental school including the statement of purpose for dental school is a must.

Before applying dental school candidates should have completed a pre-dental science requirement to be considered for admission but having a major in the sciences is not compulsory. Candidates must, however, have taken these courses already:

  •    Biology (plus lab – 8 hours)
  •    Physics (8 hours)
  •    English (8 hours)
  •    General Chemistry (plus lab 8 hours)
  •    Organic Chemistry (plus lab 8 hours
Endodontics Orthodontics Periodontics Pediatric Dentistry Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Prosthodontics, and MORE!

In most cases, you should have undergone four years undergraduate degree at a college level to apply for dental school.

Other requirements include:

  •    The NBDE score Part 1
  •    Dental Admission Test (DAT®) score
  •    GPA – Grade Point Average
  •    Letters of recommendation (2 or 3)
  •    Statement of purpose dental school
  •    Cover letter
  •    Resume
  •    Academic transcripts
  •    IELTS or TOEFL iBT scores
  •    Application forms (AADSAS)
  •    Financial capacity of $60,000 – $150,000 for fees or
  •    Loan application guarantor

Please understand that different schools possess varied criteria for admission, therefore, you need to check their site for specific instructions.

Tips for Writing the Statement of Purpose for Dental School

When writing a statement of purpose for dental school there are some basic secrets to help you excel and scale through to the interview stage:

  • Start quite early – when writing the statement of purpose for dental school one of the major challenges with doing an excellent job is not giving yourself ample time to commence writing, take a break, make adjustments, proofread and edit before submission
  • Writing generally – the dental statement of purpose must be unique to you and not generic. You will know when it is generic if you can cover your name and then read to see if it has any feature that points to your uniqueness
  • Stick to the main goal – when writing a statement of purpose dental school you should remember it’s a personal statement. It should state your intentions for being a dentist, show relevant experiences to your dental pursuit and the qualities needed to excel
  • Show not tell – use illustrations and stories to paint a vivid image of your relevance to the dental institution in your statement of purpose dental school
  • Be natural – write in your own voice and not steal another person’s style
  • Be organized – use central themes, introduction, body, and conclusion to give your dental statement of purpose some order
  • Be passionate – let the admissions committee see how passionate you are in the manner you present your skills, experience, and qualities in the statement of purpose for dental school
  • Edit and proofread

Take enough time to check for error, misrepresented facts, and grammatical errors before submitting the dental statement of purpose. We always recommend seeking our professional opinion as a second eye to help deliver an exceptional dental school statement of purpose.

Writing a Winning Statement of Purpose for Dental School

If you have already reached the point that you have taken your DAT and gained the right scores and have the right background and experiences to apply then it is time to write your statement of purpose dental school.

Firstly you will need to find some examples from your life that you can use to demonstrate a few points:

  • Why are you interested in dentistry? You should mention how your interest has started and how you have developed it through years.
  • What experience do you have or what research have you done? You’d better write how aware you are of this field and what you expect.
  • What skills do you have that will make you a good dentist?

You want to make your dental statement of purpose as interesting as possible so you do not just want to be telling the reader a list of “facts” about yourself. You need to use your statement of purpose dentistry to paint a picture of who you are. This means that you need to use language to demonstrate the above points. Select a short story that will show how you developed an interest in dentistry such as how your great aunt was a “changed woman” after she received her new dentures or how your personal dentist impressed you with their skills in some way. Describe exactly how you gained the interest through a short story. Do the same with the other points; don’t say “I am good with my hands” tell them “I enjoy working on my home computer and the skills that I have learned with regards to swapping and fixing components within the tight confines of the innards of my computer will aid me in my future career.”

writing a statement of purpose helpWe Can Write Your Dental Statement of Purpose

Still struggling with what you should write within your statement of purpose for dental school? Our experts can work with you through our online system to find relevant examples from your background around which your statement of purpose for dental school can be written.

They will work with you to understand your goals, your experiences and attributes that will make you a great dentist enabling you to be able to present the very best possible statement of purpose for dental school.

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Trust us and we will help you to get the best statement of purpose for dental school!