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Loma Linda Dental School Admissions Requirements

Dental Personal Statement
Dental LoR Writing
Dental Personal Statement + LoR

Applying to Loma Linda Dental School admissions means that you will be facing stiff competition from the other applicants not only because of the exceptional program of the university but because it is located in Los Angeles, California. That is why you need to write a strong dental school personal statement.

There are specific requirements that you must meet in order to be granted admission to the Loma Linda Dental School and the process starts before you graduate with an undergraduate degree.

loma linda dental school admissions help

These requirements are:

  • Two semester courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. Science courses must have an associated lab. Students must have a grade of at least 60 in these courses.
  • One semester of Biochemistry with a Lab. Moreover, you should have a minimum GPA of 2.7, within DAT scores of at least 19.

Other requirements for Loma Linda Dental School admissions are more specific, such as:

  • The DAT exam must have been taken at least two years before the date of the application to Loma Linda Dental School.
  • You must have at least 50 hours of experience either volunteering or observing at a dental practice with an accredited dentist.
  • Proficiency in writing and speaking English is a must for Loma Linda Dental School admissions, as you may have assumed by yourself.

Documents Required by Loma Linda Dental School Admissions

When you complete the application form for Loma Linda Dental School you must also send along the following documents:

  • Three letters of recommendation from professors and those who can attest to your ability and motivation for Loma Linda Dental School Admissions. Persons whom you can contact for these letters include employers, religious leaders, and professional committee leaders.
  • A copy of your DAT score. It is important to highlight, that you should give the original at this point, it may be needed afterwards.
  • A transcript of your undergraduate courses, which must be sent directly from the university where you studied, but not from you.
  • Even though the minimum GPA is 2.7, most students that have been accepted into the Loma Linda Dental School have a GPA of 3.3 or higher.
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Choosing Your Specialty in Loma Linda University Dental School Admissions

You must be quite clear in the dental specialty that you want to pursue when you apply to Loma Linda Dental School. Admissions officials not only look at this entry on the application form, but they want to hear about the reasons for your choice in your personal statement. A dental school personal statement is a required part of the application process for Loma Linda Dental School Admissions. In this essay you must lay out your reasons for not only choosing a specific area of dentistry, but your reasons for wanting to attend Loma Linda.

Your goals for a career in dentistry and how admission to the dental school will help you achieve these goals are also two aspects that you must write about in a personal statement for LLU dental school. DentalSchoolPersonalStatement.com takes great pride in the fact that our writers have written many successful personal statements for students applying to this prestigious dentistry school. We can write the statement for you, give you help and advice to assist you in writing your own or provide expert editing services on the writing. In any case we are there to help you and want you to succeed.

Make sure your personal statement stand out for a Loma Linda Dental school admissions!