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What You Need for Admission to Boston Dental School

Preparation for admission to a Boston Dental school starts long before you actually start completing the application form and writing your personal statement for dental schools in Boston.

High grades in your undergraduate degree program and a high score on the DAT are essential but they are not the only considerations that will gain you admission to one of the prestigious dental schools. Boston dentistry programs are competitive and there are specific qualities that the selection committee wants to see in successful applicants.

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Qualities Important in a Personal Statement for Admission to Boston Dental School

Your grades in your undergraduate courses and your DAT score demonstrate that you have the work ethic and the study skills necessary to succeed in Boston Goldman Dental school. However, your personal characteristics, your goals and your previous experience in dentistry play a vital role in the process of meeting Boston Dental school requirements.

Boston University Dental school admissions look for students who:

  • Are motivated to succeed in the program. It is better to provide specific examples what has pushed you to study this field.
  • Can contribute to the dental school of the university. It is important not only what you can get from the program, but what you can provide.
  • Want only the best hands-on teaching and practice in Boston University dental programs. You should be willing to learn from the top professionals.
  • Who demonstrate compassion in their dealings with others, both patients and colleagues. As you should, this characteristic is crucially important in dentistry.
  • Who have the motivation and ability to work as a team member. Though you have to know how to work independently as well.

Ensure That You Meet All the Requirements for Boston University Dental

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