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NYU Dental School Admissions

New York University dental school admissions are notoriously difficult, for the class of 2011 there were 4844 applicants for the 235 places that were available that year. So how do you ensure that you get your place?

Well the first thing to ensure is that you meet all of the NYU dental school admissions requirements for everything from your GPA through to your DAT tests.

nyu dental school admissions helpNYU Dental School Admissions Requirements

NYU give preference to those students who have completed their bachelors degree prior to applying for the NYU dental school. They should also have covered the following pre-requisite courses within their studies:

English Six credits (2 yrs recommended)
Biology Eight credits min
Inorganic Chemistry Six – Eight credits
Organic Chemistry Six – Eight credits
Physics Six – Eight credits

They also look for a GPA of at least 3.5 although the average of the last year’s intake was 3.44.

The Dental Admission Test scores are not specified but for the last intake the average attainment was 20. Your DAT test can be taken a maximum of three times and will cover natural sciences, problem solving and your comprehension and reasoning skills.

Students are also required to submit two letters of recommendation which should come from two science department chairpersons.

NYU Dental School Admissions Process

Your NYU dental school admission can be done through the Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). This service which is part of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) allows you to apply to many of the dental schools and universities throughout the country electronically. You submit all of your paperwork including personal statements, letters of recommendation and others required papers and they will submit your application to all of the dental schools that you specify including NYU dental school admissions.

Your dental school personal statement should be written in a way that can really impress the reviewing committee and if possible be fully customized for each and every school. It must clearly show that you are going to be a committed and passionate dentist and have the required skills academically and personally to do the job. A personal statement that is focused on the specific program will also give you a far higher chance of acceptance than a generic statement as they would far rather offer a place to someone they can be sure will accept it.

nyu dental school applicationWe Can Help with Your NYU Dental School Admissions

We can help you in many ways, the most common way is through the writing of your personal statement. A well written personal statement for NYU dental school admissions is going to boost your chances of selection. Our professional writers know exactly what needs to be within your statement and can craft a statement that carefully matches each and every one of the expectations of NYU dental school.  If you have need for any help at all with your NYU dental school admissions just contact us today.

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Find here NYU Dental School admissions requirements and succeed with your application!