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Meharry Dental School Admissions

Dental Personal Statement
Dental LoR Writing
Dental Personal Statement + LoR

The Meharry medical college in Tennessee has one of the smaller dental programs with only 55 places enrolled each year, but this does not stop some 2000 or so prospective students applying for a place at this very historic college. Obviously with so many people enrolling your chances of being accepted are very small. This is why you have to ensure that your Meharry dental school personal statement is going to make you stand out.

Your grades and DAT score have to be exemplary and you will have to ensure that your letters of recommendation and your dental school personal statement really show you to be an excellent choice.

meharry dental school admissions helpTop 5 Meharry Dental School Program

The Meharry dental school programs are one of three schools in the Meharry Medical College established in 1876 under the name of Medical Department, Central Tennessee College. The Meharry dental school was chartered in 1915 to provide quality medical education for African Americans in the South of America. Today it is one of the most renowned private black institutions focused on grooming medical professionals in the United States. Part of its technology-driven programs includes:

  • General Practice Residency – The GPR Meharry dental school programs run for one to two years with the aim of allowing dental students further enhance their skills while in the hospital even in cases of oral surgical procedures.
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry – The Meharry dental school AEGD program teaches students how to manage dental patients during their training affording physicians and other health officials to assess the student’s performance.
  • BS/MD Program – The Meharry dental school programs for bachelor and pre-medical students focuses on the training pre-medical students using state of the arts medical facilities and a rich blend of preparatory courses for Meharry dental school admissions through the aid of seven partner universities.
  • Graduate Program – Having met all the requirements for Meharry dental school application then you are welcome into the graduate program at Meharry dental school. As part of the dental college program include the Advanced Education Program with focus on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery equipping students with skills in dentistry.
  • DDS Program – The Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the Meharry dental school is a bio-medical science focused course running for four years and leading to the award of a degree as Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Meharry Dental School Admissions Requirements

Meharry dental school admissions requirements are a little lower than some other dental colleges when it comes to your GPA and DAT scores. The average GPA for students admitted into Meharry dental school is only 3 which is much lower than the 3.5 that most colleges average.

The Dental Admissions Test of DAT is a test which you have to take before you apply for your place at dental school, it is usually recommended that you take this test at least a year before the date you expect to start at dental school. The DAT will test your natural sciences knowledge as well as problem-solving and reasoning skills. It is scored out of 30 and the average score for those being admitted to Meharry dental school is 17.

Meharry dental school admissions also require students to have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to joining their program. They do not accept any form of online qualifications and courses.

List of Documents Needed When Seeking Meharry Dental School Admissions

All these documents must be available when before commencing the Meharry dentistry school application:

  • Online application to the Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS) under the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is vital to Meharry dental school requirements.
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors, faculty members or practicing physician.
  • Scores from the National Board.
  • Personal statement/statement of purpose.
  • Academic transcript from former schools attended.
  • Resume/CV.
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Meharry Dental School Admissions Process

Applications for Meharry dental school can be made through AADSAS (Association of Dental Schools Application Service) whose service will allow you to apply to many of the dental schools throughout the country. Your application needs to be processed by the 15th of December.

The AADSAS system allows you to upload all of your paperwork and will then electronically submit your papers to your chosen schools. However, if you want to target a specific college such as Meharry you should ensure that you tailor your personal statement accordingly.

Tips for Preparation to Meharry Dental School Application Process

  • You need to commence the Meharry dentistry school application early.
  • And that means all letters of recommendation, personal statement, funds for fee payments and others must be sort for early too.
  • You must read the Meharry dental school admissions procedures properly before commencement.
  • Edit and proofread all documents adequately before submission to avoid error.
  • Gather all the documents early and keep them in a safe but single location for easy access.
  • Make sure you have participated in volunteer service, leadership service, research and other activities that would help boost your admission chances.
  • Do not make use of a very unprofessional email such as baby2luv@gmail.com.

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Common Mistakes Students Make When Applying to a Program

Every omission or uncalculated action can mar your chances of admission into Meharry dental school. To increase your chances of acceptance please take note of these common mistakes:

  • Some candidates make use of the same personal statement and statement of purpose letters for multiple institutions and end up submitting the wrong details or address to the wrong institution.
  • Not meeting the Meharry dental school requirements by not submitting the right documents, letters, and essays or submitting them in the wrong format not approved by the institution is the fastest way to deny yourself an admission.
  • Submitting essays riddled with grammatical errors, misconstrued facts and spelling issues will affect your chance of admission.
  • Submitting the documents late will also result in rejection.
  • A poorly structured essay, CV or other documents will make a Meharry dental school candidate less competitive.

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