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Guidelines for the Harvard Dental School Admissions Process

Dental Personal Statement
Dental LoR Writing
Dental Personal Statement + LoR

Every year Harvard Dental School Admissions receives over one thousand applications, but only thirty-five of these are successful. This is the lowest acceptance rate of any dental school in the country, which means the standards for admission are very high indeed. While other schools require a DAT score of 19, the norm for admission to Harvard Dental School is 22 and the average GPA is 3.7.

All of this information tells you that you must have very high marks in your undergraduate courses to meet the requirements of the dentistry program of Harvard University. So the question is  – how to be successful in your quest for Harvard Dental School Admissions?

harvard dental school admissions

Be Specific When Applying to Harvard Dental School Admissions

In order to grab the attention of the Harvard Dental School Admissions officials you must be specific about the program you want to enter.

Harvard Dental School offers post-graduate programs for practicing dentists who want to further their specialization in dentistry. For admission to the post-graduate programs you must provide details of your board certification exams.

Requirements for Harvard Dental School Admissions

The requirements for Harvard Dental School Admissions include:

harvard dental schoolA Bachelor`s degree. You don`t necessarily need to have an MD but you must have courses in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Calculus and English.

harvard dental schoolAll transcripts must be sent to the Harvard Dental School Admissions directly from the registrar`s office of the university from which you obtained your degree.

harvard dental schoolA score of 22 or higher on the Dental Association Exam, called the DAT. You should be already well aware of this exam prior to application process.

harvard dental schoolThree letters of recommendation from persons in authority who can attest to your motivation, ability and personal traits. Two of these letters must come from professors that taught you in any of the Science courses.

harvard dental schoolComplete the application form for Harvard Dental School, which is available online. Send it to the admissions office along with the appropriate admission fee.

Write a dental school personal statement to accompany your application that sets out your plans for dental school and for your future in the field of dentistry.

harvard dental school applicationGet Help for Completing the Application Form for Harvard Dental School Admissions

All dental students require assistance when they are in the process of writing the personal statement required by Harvard Dental School Admissions. We know how to organize the perfect essay for you. Our writers have experience in crafting original essays for this prestigious dental school and our clients have been successful in their applications. We know what the selection committee wants to see in such writing. Some of the ways in which we can provide invaluable assistance are:

harvard dental schoolChoosing a theme for the personal statement. It is important to structure your personal statement around one main theme.

harvard dental schoolEnsuring that the essay is cohesive. The main theme mentioned above will help to stay cohesive and make your statement easy to read.

harvard dental schoolMaking sure that you don`t ramble on about your experiences. Indeed, it is crucial to mention your experiences, but it should sound neutral to some extent.

harvard dental schoolEnsuring that you include all aspects of your interest including your volunteer and observation experiences as well as your goals.

harvard dental schoolDemonstration of your skills, abilities and motivation that you will need to get through the difficult four-year program or in the case of post-graduate work a three-year program.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience when you order your personal statement for Harvard Dental School admissions today!