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DMD Personal Statement Writing

Thinking of getting doctor of dental medicine degree? The great number of students is applying to various dentistry institutions every year to obtain a DMD degree. There’s nothing strange in such rush because available opportunities are really stunning for every potential applicant.

Having the top rated dentistry schools all around U.S territory on your list it is easy to lose the understanding which one would be great for you. If your dream is to join a certain well-established institution, you will need to understand that your admission to that university or college will not entirely demand on your academic qualifications but also on the DMD personal statement you will submit alongside your admission application. You do not want to fail your career perspectives just because you can’t figure out how to submit a personal statement that has the capability to impress everyone who gets to lay their eyes on it. In this case, you will need to learn the whole concept behind the writing of a DMD dentistry personal statement, only this way you will be able to implement in writing your special features and create unique and customized personal statement.

doctor dental medicine statementDMD dentistry dental schools are typically offering various course of study, like oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and also pediatric dentistry. Such postgraduate programs can take additional 2-6 years to complete them, depending on the chosen specialty, also they at times involve a residency.

Top acceptance rates for DMD degree in various dentist schools:

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What’s DMD? How DMD Is Different from DDS?

You might already found out that when you’re looking for the dentist degree on the Internet the results that pop up in the search box are so different, they include the DMD and the DDS results alike. The truth is they both have the same meaning – getting the accreditation from the dental school. The DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine) are both equal degrees of equal quality, this means the same education is needed to obtain them. Even when it comes to the curriculum requirements you will have to prepare pretty much the same set of the documents and follow the same rules and formatting. The only difference  is that every institution will choose their own type of degree that they want to be awarded.

For the general dentist degree you will have to study 3 years and then also 4 years in dental school. After the training completion dentists will have to pass official exams. In order to have their licenses valid and prolonged they will have to undergo repetitive tests from year to year to make sure they have not lost their qualifications, that gives them the right to practice. Also, such tests make sure that professionals keep their level of knowledge according to the latest clinical developments and new modern practices. For the orthodontist and periodontist careers, the post-graduate education is required.

Application Requirements for DMD

One of the most important things that a dental school admission committees will take into account is the scores for the Dental Admission Test (DAT).

Here are some forum quotes from forums.studentdoctor.net where you can find the most relevant information for the admission to dental schools and other related topics if it’s hard for you to understand or interpret the official information:

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To get the DMD admission for one of the programs you should have a relevant bachelor’s degree, from U.S accredited college or university. The alternative for that is to be enlisted in one of the study courses that will lead to the DMD degree.

In case you completed the bachelor’s degree 2 years prior dental school attendance you are free to take time for some academic activities like research and various kinds of employments like oral health field in order to strengthen the preparation for your dental school curriculum.

Advanced Placement credits can be accepted for the English and math prerequisites in case the degree-issuing institution awarded college credit toward the bachelor’s degree.

  • Prerequisite courses need be taken at an accredited, 4-year U.S or Canadian college or university. Community college coursework may not be applied to science prerequisites.
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited, 4-year U.S or Canadian college or university is a requirement for enrollment at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine.
  • It is strongly suggested by the Admission Committee that the mentioned courses should be taken to ensure the application is competitive.

Throughout your academic life you must have been required to write several types of personal statements and one of the features that you must have noticed with every type of writing is that they all have different writing formats. Once you fail to follow the recognized format of a given type of statement then that document ceases to be the right one.

Since the personal statement has a designated format, you will need to be very careful to follow this format and stick to the writing rules.

dmd dentistry applicationUnderstanding How to Make a Perfect Doctor Dental Medicine Personal Statement?

The content is a very important element of your statement since it will be the actual aspect of the statement that will be used to determine whether you get the admission or not. The content you come up with should avoid repeating and wrong constructions.

For your personal statement application content you will need to ensure that you explain the reasons why you want to pursue the type of degree you want clearly, according to your institution requirements.

Short tips on how to write a personal statement for DMD:

  • Things you need to include: why you’re interested, how your previous experiences relate to the program and how they can contribute to the field of study.
  • Sort out and form your text so that you are able to reflect your skills and qualities in the most attractive way possible, this thing the universities and colleges value over all.
  • Write in an enthusiastic, concise and natural style – nothing too complex, make the sentences short and pick the easy writing style.
  • Try to stand out, but be careful with humour, you need to draw attention and stand out of the crowd but you don’t want to seem light-minded or irresponsible.
  • The final touch to your DMD personal statement is polishing, ask your friend and teachers to check and recheck all your work and give you the unbiased feedback, also ask them to check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

5 Most Common Mistakes in DMD Personal Statements

  • Utterly boring opening line and first paragraph
  • Too short or too long personal statement (the optimal length is 1 page)
  • Unnatural writing style
  • Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Information repetition

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Once you have mastered the DMD, endodontics dentistry or pediatric dentistry personal statement, you will surely find it easy to be among the first ones who can get better chances and brightest perspectives for admission to dentistry school. Make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned steps and you will surely establish yourself as the most worthy candidate and your dream of doctor dental medicine will come true.

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