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Letter of Evaluation for Dental School

Why Do You Need a Dental School Letter of Evaluation?

letter of evaluationOne of the requirements when applying for a dental school place through the ADEA (American Dental Education Association) and the AADSAS (Associated American Dental School Application Service) is your letter of evaluation. This is a letter of recommendation written about you as part of your application and needs to be written either by an individual evaluator or by a committee which will count as an equivalent of three individual letters.

Typically your evaluator should be a professor that has taught you or a qualified dentist that you have shadowed or worked with. Most schools will require between 2 and 4 letters of evaluation and you should check with each individual school as to how many they require and who needs to write them.

letter of evaluation for dental school helpHow to Use Our Sample Letter of Evaluation

A sample letter of evaluation for dental school will allow you to see exactly what sort of things need to be covered within an effective letter of recommendation. However you should not just copy one or ask your evaluator to use a sample.

Your letters of evaluation will need to be clearly written about you and your achievements and ambitions. Your letter needs to be written in a clear and concise manner and should sing your praises in an effective manner.

How to Ask for Letters of Evaluation

letters of evaluationAsking for a letter of evaluation is not something that you should do as you pass your tutor in the school corridor. Set a specific appointment so that you can request that they write you a letter and ensure that you come prepared. If they say “no” however do not pursue them as you will not want a letter from someone that is reluctant to provide it. If they do say “yes” ensure that you provide them with everything that they need to write your letter:

sample letter of evaluationInformation regarding the specific programs that you are applying to. This will definitely help to get the most specific letter of evaluation.

sample letter of evaluationClear statement of what you see as your career plan; your statement of purpose if already written. Show that you are thinking in the long run!

sample letter of evaluationCopies of transcripts, grades, GPA, etc. All the important papers that can demonstrate your academic excellence and prove that you are a good student.

sample letter of evaluationList of what classes you have attended and any special achievements within them. It is important to focus on the most relevant classes though.

sample letter of evaluationInformation regarding any relevant extracurricular activities.It may show how outgoing you are, and demonstrate your personality a bit.

sample letter of evaluationAny other information you are providing such as your resume.

How to Provide Your Letter of Evaluation

Letters are processed in two ways through ADEA AADSAS depending on how your evaluator wishes to provide the letter. The preferred method is electronically although they can provide a traditional paper based letter:

sample letter of evaluationElectronic. The evaluator will be emailed with the required information via the email address that you provide and they will then respond through the evaluators portal.

sample letter of evaluationPaper letter. The evaluator will receive a letter requesting an evaluation letter which should then be attached to the letter that they write and returned.

expert letter of evaluation for dental school sampleWe Can Write Your Letter of Evaluation

If you have been asked to provide a letter by a student or if you are student that has been asked to draft a letter for your evaluators approval and signature we can help. Our service employs writers that are both higher degree qualified in dentistry and also highly experienced in all aspects of the application process.

They will work with you to craft effective letters of recommendation and dental school personal statement that will be unique and error free. So if you need help with writing a letter of evaluation just contact our experts here today for affordable help that you can trust.

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