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“Why Do You Want to Become a Dental Nurse” Personal Statement

As with every other program, a dental personal statement is a prerequisite for admission into medical school. Be it a Masters, residency or Doctorate degree program. It is a document that is required to help you get admission into any institution.

In writing your dental nurse personal statement you take answering certain questions as vital such as why do want to become a dental nurse? What are your future plans? What motivated your choice of the program?

dental nurse personal statement helpSo Why Do You Want to Become a Dental Nurse?

There are many kinds of work that are available in this day and age that will outright surprise you but I can assure you that dentistry continues to be quite a popular choice of profession despite the challenges that many other professions of this day and age face.

You have to remember after all that the current economic repercussions of today are often proving to be a little too much for a lot of people.

Anyway, if people ever ask you why do you want to become a dental nurse, here are just a few answers you can offer:

  • There will always be a need for a dental nurse. Let’s face it, everyone needs to go to see the dentist every now and again. Now, it doesn’t have to be anything serious or painful, it can be just a simple oral problem that needs to be looked into. Whatever the case, even anything as small as a sore in the mouth may need some special attention from a dentist and people almost always have something to complain about. All this leads to the fact that dentists and dental nurses will always be in demand somewhere in the world.
  • Majority of patients for dentists are children. Well, let’s face it, children outnumber adults. There are more children in one city than there are adults in several of them. Also, as children grow, they outgrow their milk teeth or first teeth which will fall out once they grow into teenagers. Sometimes, some of these teeth can be particularly stubborn and some help from a good dentist is always needed to get the job done without causing too much of a fuss.
  • Problems with teeth are prevalent in society. Yes, they are. Proper brushing of the teeth is always necessary to make sure that the teeth are in a healthy condition but regular visits to the dentist are also necessary. You have to remember that not all health problems are readily apparent and that visits to professionals are always a good idea if you want your teeth or any other part of your body to remain in good condition for long periods of time. In other words, dentists and dental nurses will never be out of work in a society that cares for its teeth.

Top 5 Dental Nursing Programs and Their Requirements for a Dental Nurse Program

The advantage of this school is that admission is allowed from the third year of your undergraduate degree. All you are required to do is to take the DAT®  and the result will be imported to the admissions office on your behalf. Other requirements includes; transcript from your university and community college, three letters of recommendation, a personal statement and proof of California residency.

This institution is known for its high standard of admission and only takes about 35% of the applications it receives out of the thousands. As against others that accept a DAT score of 19, Harvard Dental School is known to accept 22 with an average GPA of 3.7.

To get in, be specific about the program you are applying for. Make all documents available. The documents needed include; a bachelor’s degree with courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Calculus and English, transcripts which must be sent directly to Harvard dental school admissions, three letters of recommendation and a completed course form for Harvard Dental School.

Baylor Dental School

It is expected that before you consider applying to this school, you have to begin your plan long before submitting the application. They have a high standard for admission in spite of which thousands of applications are received.

Considering UMKC for your dentistry program is a good choice for the residents of the state of Missouri. Applicants from other areas are considered too, but after the residents of Missouri. A 3.0 GPA is a prerequisite, dental school personal statement, DAT score of 16 and 90 hours of credit in an undergraduate degree program.

This institution is to be considered for a dentistry program and requires the following documents; recommendation letters, personal statements and transcripts amongst others.

What You Shouldn’t Write in Your Personal Statement

In writing your dental nurse personal statement be careful to avoid the following:

  • The use of cliché
  • Grammatical errors
  • Exaggerations
  • Slangs and profanity
  • Repetition
  • Unnecessary humor

Your personal statement for dental nurse course should sell your personality well before the admission committee gets to met you. In fact it should spur them into wanting to meet you in person after viewing your personal statement.

On Becoming a Dental Nurse

So why do you want to become a dental nurse? Well, here are just a few things that dental nurses do for people:

  • Helping people keep their teeth clean.
  • Helping with problems like toothaches.
  • Fixing tooth problems with filling and braces.

why do you want to become a dental nurse answerWrite a Dental Nurse Personal Statement

So get started on writing a dental nurse personal statement or writing a dental hygiene personal statement  now and see how successful your career can be. No need to worry too much about the profitability and consistency of work should you ever become a dental nurse as there will always be people looking for someone who can care for their teeth.

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