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Dental School Personal Statement Samples Can Be a Great Help for You!

There is no defined format, template or even a winning formula for a successful dental school personal statement. Every one is going to be different, after all they are a personal essay about you.

With less than half of all dentistry applicants getting a place it is vital that you write your dentistry personal statement to perfection. Your dentistry personal statements are your opportunity to shine and to show the selections committee who you are rather than just a list of grades and schools attended. Your personal statement dentistry will be the major deciding factor with regards your selection or rejection.

There are many sample dental school personal statements out there on internet but which of these many dental school personal statement samples are good and which are bad? The Internet is notorious for providing poor information.

professional dental school personal statement samplesHow to Use Dental School Personal Statement Samples

A sample personal statement for dental school can only give you an idea of how someone else has approached their writing. Even if the sample personal statements for dental school were successful in helping the applicant to win a place it does not mean that copying them will help you to win your place. In fact if you were to copy a sample dental school personal statement and it were spotted as a copy you can say goodbye completely to your chances of selection.

A dental school personal statement sample is only good for providing you with some ideas of the types of information that you should cover within your statement and how you should approach the writing.

How to Write Your Personal Statement

Look at the better dental school personal statement samples and you will see that they show the reader about the writer rather than tell. Writing “I am a compassionate person who can understand how other people feel.” Just tells the reader what you want them to know in a rather uninspiring way. “I looked her in the eye and squeezed her hand and told her that everything was going to be fine..” tells the same thing but engages the reader within an interesting story which they are likely to remember.

Not only do you have to cover the above points within your dentistry personal statement you also have to write your statement in a way that will grab the reader’s attention. This means using actual descriptive examples to demonstrate the person that you are rather than just telling them. Far better to give them an example of how compassionate you can be through telling a very short story than just stating that you are compassionate. Show them who you are not just tell them.

You must also ensure that your work is completely free of errors, proofread your work and others help you also, a simple error will demonstrate that you did not care enough about your application to get it right.

Don’t try to be overly clever within your dentistry personal statement, use normal words and language; there is no need to grab the thesaurus to use words that no one will understand or appreciate.

What Do You Need to Cover in Your Dentistry Personal Statement?

Your dentistry personal statement will need to cover the following points if you want to show the selection committee that you are the right person to select:

  • Show how you have become infested in dentistry, be honest it does not have to have been a lifelong ambition.
  • Show how you have researched and developed that interest
  • Have you worked in a dentist’s office or had contact with other dentists?
  • Show personal skills and talents that will aid you in dentistry
  • Show that you are committed to helping others
  • What are your career goals?

expert sample personal statement for dental schoolWe Can Write Your Dental School Personal Statement

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