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Dental School Admission Statistics

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Many people when they apply to dental school wonder just what sort of a chance they have of being accepted. In past years less than 50% of students end up with a place to study dentistry, and the ratio of applicants to actual places at individual schools is usually very high indeed.

To give you some idea, the following dental school admission statistics will give you some ideas of the number of applicants for an individual dental school and the number of actual places:

School Applicants (2012) Places
UCLA 1770 88
University of Southern California 3317 144
Boston 4592 115

As you can see from the above dental school statistics the number of applicants for each place is huge and the number of people you are competing against is also huge. The lowest ratio that you will find for applicants to places is around 10 applicants for each place with most schools having 20+ applicants for each and every place.

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DAT Dental School Admission Statistics

One important requirement for your dental school admissions is your Dental Admission Test or DAT scores. Most schools advertise a requirement or 16 to 20 as minimum overall scores from the available 30 marks. However, you should look at each individual school’s dental school admission statistics to see what they are really looking for.

Overall for applications, the average total score for all those applying was around 17 while the average of those applicants that have been accepted was 19.3. The following dental school admissions statistics will give you some ideas of what specific schools and universities accepted as an average DAT score:

School / University Average DAT score for successful applicants
Boston 20
Georgia 19
Harvard 24.4
Kentucky 18.4
NYU 19.1

Dental School Admission Statistics – GPA

Another important factor is your GPA, on average you are looking at a GPA of 3.5 for successful applicants to the various schools and universities. This has been steadily rising year after year and of course the more sought after schools are talking on students with the highest GPAs of the batch.

Dental school admission statistics also show the percentage of international dental schools students accepted. For many this is zero with Boston leading the way and having 30% of its students from outside the US.

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How Can You Overcome Low Dental School Admission Statistics?

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