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Wonderful personal statement... I'm going to make some corrections myself. Thanks for your help. I will definitely contact you in a few months when I need personal statement for dental school.

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Writing an Essay on “Why You Want to Be a Dentist”

You Writing an Essay on “Why You Want to Be a Dentist”: The Basics

Teeth are a very important part of our daily living. Of course, they may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things and we often take them for granted after we chew through pound after pound of food.

But then again, when they’re somehow damaged and we start to feel their pain, we decide to seek professional help that can relieve us of our pain. In the olden days, it should be noted that some people even resorted to much more drastic measures just to control their pain back then.

If anybody asks you why you want to be a dentist or you have to write dental hygienist personal statement, you can tell them the following importance of teeth and why we should take care of them:

  • Teeth are what allow us to eat properly. This goes without saying as having no teeth will probably make eating a very difficult chore indeed. It is our incisors that help us bite off chunks of food that we will consume, our canines that help in tearing up meat and our molars help grind the food down for digestion. Quite easy to process, isn’t it? Needless to say that a lack of teeth would certainly make eating a difficult process as exemplified by a lot of elderly people.
  • Teeth also have a social function. Some people actually fall for another because of the beauty of one person’s smile. Just think, would a certain celebrity be so famous if his or her teeth were dirty or filled with cavities. Indeed, it should be noted that a lot of well-known personalities spend a lot of their fortunes just making sure that their teeth are in a fairly good condition.
  • Dentists also take care of a lot of other things asides from just our teeth. They also take care of a lot of oral problems that spring up as people eat. You have to remember after all that the mouth probably has the largest count of microorganisms compared to any other part of the body. Take note that any kind of injury or infection in the mouth can have serious consequences if not taken care of quickly enough. So a visit to the dentist is always necessary to prevent oral issues from becoming too much of a problem for some people.

Being a Dentist

If you’re writing an essay on why you want to be a dentist or dental nurse personal statement, you can include the following points so your piece can be even more convincing:

  • That dentists help in identifying tooth problems.
  • That dentists are able to remedy most of those tooth problems.
  • Dentists can make one’s teeth appear better by cleaning them.
  • Dentists provide filling and braces for more difficult problems.

Explain Why Do You Want to Study Dentistry

So if anyone should ever ask why do you want to study dentistry, you can tell them about just how profitable the line of work can be and how many demand services from a dentist.