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I like this one very much - flow, wording everything is good.

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How Would You Answer the Question “Why Do You Want to Become a Dental Assistant”

Answering “Why Do You Want to Become a Dental Assistant” Here

Dentistry has come a long way since its inception in the olden days. In days of ages past, dentistry was often a difficult task carried out by people who at least had some inkling of the human anatomy.

While these solutions often worked, it should still be noted that most attempts often proved a little too difficult for some people and may have caused more harm than good. Of course, things are different in this day and age with modern dentistry.

So if anyone asks why do you want to become a dental assistant or why do you want to study dentistry, you can always say some of the following:

  • Dentists are necessary in every society. Everyone needs to eat and, in order to eat properly, we must have the use of our teeth. While some people tend to take their teeth for granted, losing them can make eating a difficult chore. That’s why regardless of what people may think or say about dentists, they will almost always be necessary in any given society as all societies need to eat.
  • Dentists often get a lot of good clients because of their services and in their expertise in keeping people’s teeth clean. After all, you have to wonder just how all those celebrities and models manage to keep their wonderful smiles after so many long periods. Most people’s teeth often get dirty when they eat and you also have to remember that the mouth contains the largest number of microbes compared to anywhere else in the body. Regular cleaning of the mouth is often necessary just to make sure that one can avoid various dental problems but going to a dentist can eliminate problems of this sort for good.
  • A good dentist can provide additional advice on how one can take care of his or her teeth. While dentists can certainly take care of most oral problems that occur, teaching a patient how he or she can better look after their teeth can prevent even more nastier problems from occurring.
  • Dentists can also improve a person’s teeth, especially if they appear crooked or are riddled with cavities. With a little help from the dentist, these problems can be fixed all in short time until a person’s teeth look clean, white and perfect.

Becoming a Dental Assistant

After answering why do you want to become a dental assistant or why do you want to be a dental hygienist, you can also tell people what dental assistants do. Here are just some of the things that they actually do for dentists:

  • Help prepare their tools.
  • Help clean their tools after the procedure proper.
  • Help the dentist when he or she needs an extra pair of hands for the work.
  • Give the patients good advice on how they can take good care of their teeth.

Write a Dental Assistant Personal Statement Now

So why not write a dental assistant personal statement and prepare yourself for a long and fruitful career.