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Dental School Interview Tips

Not every dental school will interview applicants and those that do don’t always do so for the same reasons. Some will interview to confirm what you have written within your application and to see if you reflect in person what you have suggest about yourself within your personal statement. Other schools will bring you in for interview if you are a borderline candidate who they wish to investigate further or if they need to choose between a number of similar candidates.

Whatever the reason, you should prepare for this event to ensure that it goes smoothly and that you give the interviewer a positive opinion of yourself.

How to Prepare for Dental School Interview

The following dental school interview tips will help you to prepare for this event:

Honesty: never lie of make up stories within your dental school personal statement to make yourself look better, you may be asked to discuss them within your interview. Stick to the truth at all times, it is surprisingly easy for people to spot a lie.

Relax: they are not trying to catch you out. This is an interview not a test; they want to learn more about you as a person with regards to what motivates and inspires you. There are no wrong or right answers.

Don’t show off: don’t go into your interview and act arrogantly or brashly. Show respect, listen carefully and give clear carefully reasoned answers without jokes or over reaction.

You also need to understand what it is that the dental school is looking for if you want to be able to prepare fully for the interview. These dental school interview tips will only help if you can fully understand the areas in which you need to prepare.

Interview Questions for Dental School

There is no definitive dental school interview guide that is going to provide you with a list of dental school interview questions that you will be asked. However there are two main areas that they will certainly cover and you must know the answers to;

Why do you want to go to dental school? They will ask questions regarding why you want to go, what you have done to research the career, how your interest has changed, specializations you may wish to follow and so on. You must be able to demonstrate that you are passionate and knowledgeable about dentistry.

Why do you want to come to this school? Research the school thoroughly; know why it is that you want to go there rather than anywhere else. If they think you are likely to not accept an offer they will be unlikely to make that offer.

How We Can Help with Your Dental School Interview

The above dental interview tips will help you to prepare. However if you would like some additional help and even practice then we can help. Contact our experts and we can provide you with practice questions to help you to put these dental school interview tips into practice and build your confidence.