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Dental School Admission Requirements

Your dental school admission requirements vary from dental school to dental school but there are a few requirements that are going to be constant for all. These will be described within the following sections. With less than 50% of all applicants managing to find a place each year and many dental schools having in excess of 20 applicants for each and every place that they have available competition is very tough. This is why it is important that you should take extreme care over your application and ensure that you exceeded the requirements for dental school admissions.

Your DAT Requirements for Dental School

Almost every dental school requires that you take the Dental Admissions Test or DAT. You can take this test at any time but you should try to take it at least a year before you wish to actually begin your course to ensure that you gain the right scores and can have your results registered. The DAT will test you on your natural sciences knowledge as well as your comprehension and reasoning skills. If a college states a minimum test score within their dental school admission requirements it is usually in the range of 16 to 20 although it should be noted that the average score for those admitted for the last year was actually closer to 19, with some colleges such as Harvard dentist school accepting those whose scores averaged 24.

Dental School Requirements for GPA

Each dental school will want to see copies of your college and school transcripts and will also want to see your GPA. Not every college will state a minimum GPA within their dentistry school requirements but on average those accepted have a GPA in the region of 3.5

Dental School Admission Requirements for Letters of Recommendation

Within the dental schools requirements they ask for between 2 and 4 letters of recommendation, these generally are expected to come from science professors although some require a letter of recommendation from a practicing or retired dentist also. Read the individual dentist school requirement carefully so that you get the right number of letters of recommendation from the right people as most dentist schools are quite specific about who is required to provide the letters.

Dental School Admission Requirements for Personal Statements

Each dental school requires that you write a dental school personal statement within their dental school admission requirements. It should be noted that your personal statement is the only chance you have to tell the committee exactly who you are and why they should take you over the other applicants. It is therefore vital that your personal statement stands out from the rest of the other applicants.

If you really want to maximize your chances of acceptance through your personal statement then come to us. We employ highly qualified and experienced writers who fully understand this specialized area. They know exactly what needs to be written and can provide you with a unique, personalized winning dental school personal statement that will more than meet dental school admission requirements.